Steven Cohn

“You are a creative genius.  The website you created for our 36 year old law firm, Goldberg & Cohn LLP, is fabulous, the oldest ongoing law firm in Brooklyn, New York is fabulous.  It incorporates who we are and what we do with our beautiful colors and outstanding touches of Brooklyn, New York.  The description of the firm, its entity, its partners and staff, and the connection to all that it can do for its clients, shines forth from your design and implementation”

Steven Cohn

Senior Partner

Goldberg and Cohn, L.L.P.

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Richard Pomes

Matt Berman (founder of Ember Networks) was an integral part of our company (Zehnder Communications) where he helped build the social media department from the ground up. He’s a hard worker who knows how to make things happen. His loyalty and passion for the brands he represents make him a great asset to any team in the advertising field.

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Scott Newitt

Matthew has a great understanding of the Social Media markets and was very instrumental in taking Firefly to those markets. He also has very creative and effective marketing ideas.

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Jana Ritter

I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all of your work on Herbsaint and Peychaud’s. Your photography and creative work on both brands was absolutely wonderful and really helped drive common interest digitally for the brands. Bringing historical brands back to life can be a challenge and with your creativity and passion, we are well on our way.

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Tom Martin

I had the pleasure of working with Matthew (founder of Ember Networks) for almost two years. Together we launched the social media practice at Zehnder and during that time I found him to be smart, committed and dedicated to his brands.

For Matthew, 9-5 is an archaic concept. He does what needs doing to ensure success for his employer, himself and most importantly, his clients.

I’d highly recommend Matthew (founder of Ember Networks) to anyone looking to build, grow or leverage a social media effort.

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