Search Marketing

If you’re not on the first page of Google you might as well be invisible.

Search marketing is the process of getting your website or digital content discovered through search engines. Ember Networks provides search engine marketing for your business to get your website discovered so that your business can grow.  Our search marketing clients include nationally recognized brick and mortar companies to tech startups.

Why invest thousands on creating digital content if no one is going to see it?

It is said that for every dollar Hollywood spends on movie production, they also spend a dollar on marketing. There is a common misconception on the web called “If you build it, they will come”. There are billions of pages of content on the web and more being created every day. If you build it and don’t invest in marketing and distribution you will simply remain unnoticed.

Ember Networks search marketing or search engine optimization techniques are tailor made for our clients. We rely heavily on search-optimized, social-media friendly content designed to get your message spread by bloggers, publications, and social networks. Ember Networks than promotes your content across the web through our proprietary blend or link-building techniques. Link building is not one-size fits all, and we make sure each client gets targeted promotion that will most benefit their bottom-line.

People are constantly searching for products, reviews, events, entertainment, information, and more. Using search has become integral to the way we conduct business and with the rise of the mobile web this trend is only going to continue. Media consumption has been skewing away from traditional and towards digital for nearly a decade. All signs point to continued investment in online content distribution and search marketing. Get with Ember and we’ll put together a search marketing plan that will grow your business.


Our Search Engine Optimization Services Include

On-site optimization and Content Audit

Ember Networks programmers and search marketers will go through your website analyzing your code and content to ensure you are optimized for your targeted keywords. We may suggest certain redesigns, content additions, content modifications, and more. 

Keyword Research

Ember Networks will provide data points on search phrases. We will determine which keyword phrases are most likely to generate revenue for your company and we will provide a comprehensive analysis of your keyword competition.

Local Search Optimization

Search engine algorithms provide different content depending where you are searching from. If you are a restaurant in New Orleans and wish to get highly ranked locally, this is the program for you.

Brand Experience

It's time to take an audience-first approach to marketing. Let us show you how.

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