Ember Networks works with nationally recognized brands and small businesses alike. Some of our past and present clients include:   • Alcohol Treatment Prevention Association of New York State • Arms Acres Treatment Facility • Ancient Age Bourbon Whisky • Backstage Artist Lounge • Benchmark Bourbon • Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project • Canadian Hunter • Canadian LTD • Chabad of Tulane University • Chat 2 Recovery • Converse Digital • Conifer Park Treatment Facility • Caribou Crossing Canadian Whisky • Eustis Mortgage • Goldberg & Cohn, L.L.C. • Juan’s Flying Burrito of New Orleans • Herald Strategies • Herbsaint • Holliswood Hospital • Legendre Herbsaint • Liberty Behavioral Management • On Call Flood Service • Regans’ Orange Bitters • Rich and Rare Canadian Whisky • Royal Canadian Small Batch Whisky • Sazerac Rye Whisky • Sauraj Diamonds • Scream: New Orleans • Slice Pizzeria of New Orleans • Peychaud Bitters • Tales of the Cocktail  

Our Credits

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