Mobile Marketing Services

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Mobile Marketing Services

Ember Networks offers a wide range of traditional and non-traditional mobile marketing service. Make your company mobile today and market like it’s the future.

[toggle title=”Mobile Website Development”] Brands and local business owners need mobile optimized websites to better connect with people in a mobile driven world. Ember Networks will build you a custom mobile website. We provide you with a mobile redirection script to put on your desktop website which detects if the user viewing it is using a mobile browser. If so, it automatically takes them to the mobile website before the regular site even loads. [/toggle]

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[toggle title=”SMS Marketing”] Invite your customers to enjoy in the elite status of text message communication. Ember Networks will tailor and manage an SMS campaign for your business where prospects won’t be bothered you are texting them, they will ask you to connect. You will be able to invite customers and prospects to bask in special treatment where loyalty is rewarded. Customers will become advocates for your business.

We can cater your campaign to proximity marketing, loyalty programs, coupons, discounts, and more. [/toggle]

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[toggle title=”Mobile Google Optimization”] As prospective customers reach to as they search and conduct business, your company needs to change the way it conducts business as well. Search engine optimization is incredibly important in getting your business discovered through Google and other online platforms. Ember Networks will increase your mobile search visibility bringing you more customers.

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The way we interact with the world is changing. Digital tools are evolving our methods of communicating and accessing information. Our ability to interact is both amplified and simplified. We interface on machines through website interactions, SMS messages, voice calls, and more. We have access to any person or product we want. The world is at our fingertips.

Google estimates that 97% of customers research purchasing decision on the web. Future customers are looking for reviews, menus, pictures, and videos of your business or product.

Mobile traffic is growing exponentially every month and by 2013 mobile internet usage will surpass desktop usage. Mobile users are always on and always connected. They browse, search, connect, and buy.  iPhones, Android phones and other smartphones are being used everyday by your customers and prospects. It is a fact that millions of these users search on their phone first before making a buying decision. With new technology forever expanding, smart business owners can see that the mobile market is growing exponentially. Right now, there are more than 100 million internet capable mobile devices in America alone. Businesses cannot afford to neglect mobile marketing. Very soon there will be more mobile internet users than desktop users.


Ember Networks can show you how to reach the mobile market. We will provide your business with trackable mobile marketing services. Contact us to begin the conversation.

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