Three Tips For Businesses To Track Digital Marketing Efforts

Three Tips For Businesses To Track Digital Marketing Efforts

 Are you a business owner or marketing manager looking to create awareness, build relationships, and generate revenue with online marketing? In this post Matthew Berman, CEO of Ember Networks, offers three tips which will help you promote your business online. 

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1. Optimize Your Website For Success

Your website might look beautiful, but is it working hard to grow your business? How does the website function when it comes to converting users into calls, reservations, purchases, or qualified leads?

Let’s view our website as a funnel. Ideally, a visitor lands on the home page and is guided across our content, services, products, or offerings until, finally, we get a conversion! This conversion can be defined as a purchase, phone call, reservation, or other measurable action. It’s our job to hold the visitors hand through our websites content until this conversion is achieved.

Think about the actions you want the visitor to take. Really define what this “conversion” will be and build your website around this idea. Don’t leave your visitors guessing. Tell them exactly what you want them to do. If your company offers several services, define these offerings on your home page or in a easily viewable area located above the fold on each landing page.

As visitors click on services they are interested in, present them with content specifically designed to encourage the conversion you desire. Be sure to offer clearly definable call to actions for the visitor, especially as they consume more content.

2. Evaluate The Airwaves

What are people already saying about your company online? What are they saying about your competitors or about your industry? What digital platforms are people using to discuss your offerings?

You can’t be everywhere at once so you’ll have to determine which digital platforms to invest the most time and energy in. There are a variety of tools at multiple price levels to help you monitor the conversation in real time.

These are free tools which will get you started but are limited in features or functionality:

• Google Alerts
• Social Mention
• Tweetdeck
• Social Bro

These are intermediate priced tools which offer real time brand monitoring and message scheduling capabilities:

• Hootsuite
• Sprout Social

These are enterprise level tools and come packed with a wide array of tools, features, data capture, and more:

• Salesforce Marketing Cloud (formerly Radian6)
• Sysomos Map
• Meltwater Buzz

Armed with this knowledge you can segment the market, tailor your conversation, and more effectively communicate with your target consumer. The data points you collect will help you to better prioritize your digital outreach and communication programs.


3. Monitor Your Outreach Efforts With Custom Links

You share content in multiple places on a variety of platforms across the web, but which platform is most effective with engagement and conversions?

Smart business means maximizing your time and getting the most bang (read: return on investment) for your dollar! Gifted marketers are always testing the effectiveness of branded outreach and analyzing which digital venues our messages are best performing. We’ll want to use metrics to measure how well we are implementing our digital outreach.  Set up custom links with URL shorteners! It only takes a few minutes and you’ll find yourself in a world of actionable data.

For example, let’s say you are connecting with people in multiple private LinkedIn groups. It takes you approximately 2 hours to interact with each group and you want to know which group you should prioritize. Set up a custom link to use in each group. Custom links from URL shorteners often come with analytics and you’ll be able to track measurable results from your outreach efforts. You’ll be able to measure clicks, referrals, geographic location, computer platform, and what time most of your clicks come through.

If you want to set custom URL’s up yourself, some popular URL shorteners are:

By Matthew Berman July 16, 2013

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