In this post Matthew Berman, Founder of Ember Networks, will discuss creative strategies on how to grow an email marketing list. Ember Networks works with clients to develop and manage creative and profitable email marketing campaigns.


Email Marketing Lifecycle – Bill Dawson

Get Permission

Make sure you get permission before you send out any emails. That being said, I don’t recommend purchasing lists. We’ve had clients insist on purchasing email lists and the resulting campaign suffered. There is no point crafting a message to someone who doesn’t want to see it. Without permission you’re playing a numbers game which is going to be a waste of your time without a huge amount of scale.

Be Selfless. Give Away Something of Value

Does your company have access to proprietary case studies? Give away a case study in exchange for a working email. Are you a musician with a new record? Give away one of your songs for an email address. Are you selling a product online? Give away 15% with a valid email address.

Get the drift? Offer something of value in exchange for email addresses. Your relationship with the potential customer will start out on a nice foot and your campaign will run much smoother. A creative digital marketer will help your company ideate, create and promote valuable content to exchange for email addresses.

Trade Shows

We ran a trade show booth for a client and collected thousands of email addresses. We used a machine scanned business cards for pertinent information. The person signed they were interested in receiving further communication from us. We took pictures with the people at the trade show and set up a web photo album with the photographs on a microsite.

Run a Contest

People love contests. They’re fun and engaging. When running contests for clients we include the ability to opt-in for future email communications during contest registration. We typically see most people are interested in further communication. Our open rates from this method are also quite high.

A / B Testing

This piece of advice comes a little bit after you’ve grown your email numbers but …

Email marketing platforms allow you to easily evaluate performance on a variety of metrics. Any marketer worth their salt are going to test, test, and test! Varying copy, photographs, design, frequency, and time of delivery can really affect the success of your email marketing campaign. Test early and test often!

Are you running an email marketing campaign? Tell us your tips, tricks, and comments in comment section below!